What to Wear Fall 2017

“Help! I don’t know what to wear!!”

“What colors do you suggest?”


We hear this all the time from our clients so we wanted to give you guys a few ideas for our upcoming Fall Sessions!! Our suggestions: keep it coordinated but not too matchy-matchy. Also, most importantly, you want to keep it simple and YOU! Wear what you feel comfortable in because it shows on camera 🙂


Here are a few examples:


Neutrals never go out of style! Kick it up with a classic color splash of Navy. We suggest keeping parents/couples in solid colors and letting the kids wear patterns! 


When choosing your colors, think about the scheme in your home. Do you decorate in warm colors like browns/creams/reds/yellows or do you tend to go with cooler tones like greys/blues/teal/white? When you print your images out, you want to keep that in mind, as your walls will look best if you keep to the same color palette!


If you should need any help with what to wear, please feel free to reach out to us! We are here to help make this session the BEST for you and your family!



The Kenneys



(all outfits came from Old Navy, H&M and Gap Kids)